‘Ask Them!’


In my latest project with ASCD, Ask Them, we travel far and wide to answer simple question: Why should we ask our students about their own learning?

To answer the question we spoke to a lot of people. A sampling includes:

  • We travelled to Melbourne to ask John Hattie what his research suggests.
  • Celeste Kidd from KiddLab explains  her ‘Marshmallow Revisited’ study.
  • Former Bloom student Lorin Anderson gets into his Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy
  • Theatre teacher Heather Ayris speaks to the power of the Arts in student voice
  • Tech teach Nick Kast highlights the power of student-driven projects
  • We travel to Spokane, WA to fly remote control helicopters with Joseph Lai.


Check out this somewhat unconventional 3-part educational journey, and expect to be convinced that it’s high time we listened carefully to our students.

It’s available on ASCD Streaming.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 8.54.05 AM.png



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