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Over the past 22 years, Myron has worked as an educator  and administrator in both Canada and New Zealand.  Through his current district position, as well as working with educators around the world,  Myron continues to develop grading, assessment and reporting systems which gave students a greater opportunity to show what they understand and play a significant role in the reporting of their learning.  Myron visits schools, districts and organizations both in person and virtually to share his ongoing journey, ready-to-use tools and first-hand experiences.  Recenlty Myron’s presentations have diverged to include global education trends and broader socio-economic realities that impact learning. Myron has been published in EL Magazine, EdCan and other publications. His best-selling book, Grading Smarter, Not HarderAssessment Strategies that Motivate Kids and Help Them Learn was released by ASCD in July 2014 and in 2015 ASCD released a video project based in his own school district entitled ‘Smarter Assessment in the Secondary Classroom’.  ‘Ask Them’, is a three-part streaming series focused on student voice and empowerment and is available at www.ascd.org.

ASCD has published his most recent book in January 2021, entitled, ‘Giving Students a Say‘! Check it out here, or click on the cover below.

Myron and his family currently live in British Columbia where he is SD67 District Vice-Principal for Communicating Student Learning.

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  1. As a former student, it’s so exciting to see you continuing to inspire and fight for the success of the younger generation. You certainly did for us, and we’ll appreciate it forever. You are an amazing teacher and educator.

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