Sharing Circle – My foray into the unknown.

Last Wednesday I went looking for a branch. It was just prior to my first grade 9/10 leadership class of the year, and I found myself searching frantically for an ‘object’. Never before had I needed an ‘object’ to start the year, but this time was different from any of my other 18 starts toContinue reading “Sharing Circle – My foray into the unknown.”

Double Dip: One Idea in the When vs. If Power Struggle

  The more I look at school grading schemes, increasingly I wonder: ‘why do schools put an unhealthy amount of emphasis on WHEN learning took place compared to IF it took place?’ For whatever reason, many educators continue to award a higher rank (or grade) to the student who learned something sooner than another student.Continue reading “Double Dip: One Idea in the When vs. If Power Struggle”

I can’t assess that…

Imagine a student delivers her math project in the form of a song.  In response the teacher declares, ‘I am not creative, so I can’t assess that.’ While I understand this sentiment, I don’t think it is necessarily true. The teacher is not the person who needs to be creative in order for creative projectsContinue reading “I can’t assess that…”

“That is a nice big target, especially if I can see it.”

I really enjoy my subscription to Scientific American Mind.  I stumbled upon a small article from July/August 2011 about a visualization experiment conducted by researchers at the Free University of Amsterdam. The experiment was really simple: –         Ask three different groups to putt a golf ball at a target 5 feet away. –         Let eachContinue reading ““That is a nice big target, especially if I can see it.””

The Best Learning is Difficult to Define

Our district has a program running within it called Through a Different Lens (TADL).  As best as I can tell, it is a whole bunch of things that serve to personalize learning, without being one thing in particular. Even people in the project seem purposefully vague when it comes to attaching labels to it.  HereContinue reading “The Best Learning is Difficult to Define”

Hockey, Measurement and Cognitive Dissonance – What do I do with what I know?

So it is that time of year again…hockey season.  Perhaps not for the NHL, but seemingly everywhere else in Canada.  My wife and I braced for the inevitable this fall – two kids in minor hockey and all the related practices, games, meetings and miles. As a parent I lace ‘em up for my ownContinue reading “Hockey, Measurement and Cognitive Dissonance – What do I do with what I know?”