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Book Overview

The Need for Change

Penalties: Brushing Teeth & Lesson Learned

Greatest Influences

Teacher-inspired link: interesting!




I just posted a review of your book on my blog:
Your book is inspiring, and it has changed the way I am grading and assessing the Common Core standards.  I collected data over the past few weeks to chart the change in student achievement after introducing a unit plan and changing my grading practices and procedures.  The results were truly astounding.  I put some pie charts in my blog to show the progress.  I’m going to be blogging over the next two week on how I used your ideas to help my students. Thanks for your work and dedication to kids.  Please let me know if you want me to link to a particular site–I linked to your wordpress site.  For the book, I linked to the ASCD bookstore.
Casey Cuny


I just finished Grading Smarter Not Harder and it was awesome! I attended the ATI conference back in December and have been carrying your book around since then. I finally brought it down to the beach yesterday and could not put it down! I’m so glad I read it at the beginning of the summer because I can plan all summer! Thank you so much for writing it!!!

Kathryn Heasly

Life Science Teacher
Saunders Middle School

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