Sharing Circle – My foray into the unknown.

Last Wednesday I went looking for a branch. It was just prior to my first grade 9/10 leadership class of the year, and I found myself searching frantically for an ‘object’. Never before had I needed an ‘object’ to start the year, but this time was different from any of my other 18 starts toContinue reading “Sharing Circle – My foray into the unknown.”

The Best Learning is Difficult to Define

Our district has a program running within it called Through a Different Lens (TADL).  As best as I can tell, it is a whole bunch of things that serve to personalize learning, without being one thing in particular. Even people in the project seem purposefully vague when it comes to attaching labels to it.  HereContinue reading “The Best Learning is Difficult to Define”

Hockey, Measurement and Cognitive Dissonance – What do I do with what I know?

So it is that time of year again…hockey season.  Perhaps not for the NHL, but seemingly everywhere else in Canada.  My wife and I braced for the inevitable this fall – two kids in minor hockey and all the related practices, games, meetings and miles. As a parent I lace ‘em up for my ownContinue reading “Hockey, Measurement and Cognitive Dissonance – What do I do with what I know?”

Poverty and the Grading of Homework

The conversation around how schools can react to poverty typically centers around reduced breakfast and lunch programs.  On a few occasions I have heard people express concern as to the access that poverty-affected students have to sports programs, band and other extra-curricular activities.  I have never heard people discuss specifically how the grading of standardizedContinue reading “Poverty and the Grading of Homework”

The Art of Keeping Your Head Down

Last week my wife and I were in Greece as I was presenting at the NESA Leadership Conference in Athens.  As we arrived in the city, it became really clear that strikes had impacted the normal flow of people and services.  Garbage piles littered the city and many local attractions were temporarily closed.  The taxiContinue reading “The Art of Keeping Your Head Down”

She met the learning outcomes…but she doesn’t deserve to pass.

It is that time of year.  Some schools call it ‘evaluation’, some refer to it as ‘transition’, and others call it ‘adjudication’. Whatever the title, this week in high schools across BC, gatherings of teachers, councilors and admin will be held to determine the academic standing of students on the pass/fail bubble. These conversations bringContinue reading “She met the learning outcomes…but she doesn’t deserve to pass.”

Why are we doing this? (Part II)

How We Designed our In-School Suspension System In my last post I detailed the process that saw a number of us at Pen Hi arrive at wanting an alternative to the traditional method of sending a student home for a drug suspension.  As stated, there were a number of reasons why we wanted to initiateContinue reading “Why are we doing this? (Part II)”

Why Are We Doing This? (Part I)

Our experience in implementing an in-school suspension system. The Problem When I first filled the role as Vice-Principal of Penticton Secondary, few decisions were clearer than what to do with students caught using or possessing drugs at school.  A student caught in such an offence was given a 3-day suspension of they agreed to visitContinue reading “Why Are We Doing This? (Part I)”

Social Anxiety in Students

I just read a very good blog post – one that should give educators cause to reflect.  I suggest you read it. William Chamberlain poses the following questions: What are you doing in your classroom for kids like me that some days are barely hanging on until they can get back home where they canContinue reading “Social Anxiety in Students”