Turn and face the strange changes.

David Bowie


Perhaps David Bowie sang it best, ‘Times may change me, but I can’t change time.’ There is no denying that transformational forces are at play in the global education arena. The Digital Information Revolution is arguably the biggest change agent since the printing press, so as the ground moves beneath our feet, are we preparing our students for an uncertain future or the one that seemed predictable a decade or four ago? Content is free and readily available, so are we changing our focus to competencies such as communication, creativity and critical thinking? Unfortunately we may still be gearing for the 1980s rather than the 2020s when it comes to our instructional, grading, assessment and reporting procedures. Our students will be heading into the digital and competency-based future with or without us, but thankfully there are signposts that education is adapting. Myron will make a strong argument that instruction and assessments that include inquiry, differentiation, exploration and problem solving may certainly prove effective for an uncertain future. 

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