COVID Support Resources

The following are some templates designed to help teachers deliver relevant, engaging and thoughtful project-based learning opportunities for students who are not actively attending school.

These free resources are going to continue to be expanded as I have opportunity to build and compile.

Educators are encouraged to modify and adapt as they see fit. Many of the designs reflect my own province of British Columbia‘s focus on ‘Curricular Competencies’ and ‘Content’ for each course. Teachers are encouraged to link their learning activities to specific standards for their own state, province, country or school. I am currently engaged in this work in my own school district and I will try to add items to this page as we learn and grow during this challenging time.

These resources are not endorsed by my school district nor any other jurisdiction, but are simply provided as my personal way to generate ideas for what solutions might look like in a challenging time.

These resources are offered free of charge, and as such should not be used in any commercial venture.

Stay safe, stay strong,

Myron Dueck

Humanities Reflection Assignment/Template

Electives (Automotive) Learning Opportunity

Textiles – Do I wear a COVID mask? Can I make one? (Made with Marnie Mennell of SD67)

Inquiry/Reflection (Social Studies) – ‘Suspension of Civil Liberties vs. Societal Protection’

Rubric Support Document

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