Keynote Presentations

The following topics are designed for larger audiences and are available in 45 – 120 minute sessions.

What Educators Might Learn from Advertisers

COVID-19 or No COVID-19 – It’s time to re-examine a few things…

Ask Them – Why Listening to Our Students Matters

What If? Imagining doing things differently in our classrooms.

ReTool – Why we must equip our students to succeed in a world where competencies will rule over content

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes. Turn and face the strange changes

Mixed Messages – The disconnect between what educators say and do and how grading and assessment changes can help.

Failing IS an Option – Space travel, music icons and harnessing the power of ‘desirable difficulties’. 

Poverty, Pressure and Parents – How grading and assessment decisions can make things better or worse.

Grading Smarter NOT Harder In One Hour

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