Other Interests

Here are a few of the other things that occupy my time.

We took on a new ‘child’ 5 years ago when we decided to build a shop and living quarters on a foundation left over by the previous owner.  Little did I know just how big of a task we were tackling when we started down this road.  I would suggest that nothing could have taught me more about learning, humility, questions and the value of friends than this project.  We did virtually everything ourselves, with of course, ‘a little help from our friends’.

“The Bridge”

Another interest that has got a wee bit out of hand…”The Bridge”.  I have always wanted to build a bridge and when a I scored a whole bunch of wood for a great price, the only question became: “Where to build it?”

I had charted out a mountain bike path behind my house, and there was one particularly sketchy section to ride, so that became the spot.  I have been soundly ridiculed by most of my friends for this project, so if you wish to add your own comments, go ahead.  I will try to update photos as the project resumes in spring.  Darcy Mullin (@darcymullin) has offered to help.

The Treehouse

‘Living vicariously through my own children’

9 thoughts on “Other Interests

    1. So, you have been really clear that you want no part of that section of the trail (Mullin as witness)…does that forbid you from comments as well? For my sake I kinda hope so…

      1. Since when is online mockery not fair game? It’s super impressive…and kinda psycho. And I’ll say it again: I have a much easier time getting behind projects that support recreation than purely utilitarian (or cosmetic) ones. So really, this is still right in my area of interest…

  1. I think Jeremy made it very clear where he stood on the bridge. It concerns me that he makes these grandiose statments about projects without even taking the time and effort to see them first hand. I think he should be excluded on principle.

    1. I am always interested in excluding on principle…that said, Jer has endured years of my projects subplanting our friendship for weeks/months at a time. While I too believe he was crystal clear on his involvement on ‘the bridge’, he MIGHT be pardoned simply on account of his years of frustration fuled by these types of projects.

      1. Well Myron it is your bridge, so I will let you make the call. Perhaps 20 projects from now I will be more jaded like Jer. It’s my first Dueck/MacGyver project, so I am kinda like a kid in the candy store.

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