Poverty, Pressure and Parents – How assessment and grading changes can make things better…or worse.

Grading is personal.

Our decisions around grading and assessment can make some of life’s greatest challenges easier to navigate for our students.

Poverty, Pressure, and Parents – How grading and assessment changes can make things better…or worse.

Poverty is a reality in communities and classrooms across North America, and too often the policies and practices in the classroom further exacerbate the challenges faced by economically disadvantaged students.  In an era when schools supply food when it is lacking at home, what do we do with homework policies when students do not have support at home? This is one of many questions that arise when we focus on how grading and assessment routines must be changed to improve the educational outlook for students who live in challenging situations.  Actual accounts of teachers and students will be used to make the point that grading and assessment routines need to be part of the socio-economic disparity conversation. Many students overcome the hurdles imposed by poverty, and along the way a few changes to traditional grading and assessment structures can help.

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