New challenges require new tools.

reTool – Why we must equip our students to succeed in a world that values competencies over content.

When content was our focus, we delivered ample amounts of it with specific pedagogy. However, it’s obvious that the cutting edge of global education has shifted towards competencies such as problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity. The global forum rewards the competent learner who has a sliver of innovation over one who has a broad but shallow knowledge base. Given that learning is a dynamic endeavor with multiple pathways to achieve it, how we design the context for learning becomes paramount.  As we teach students who will see the 22ndcentury, we should not guess what will be required, but rather help our students develop the tools that have always been necessary for both advancement and survival. ‘Retool’ means to ‘adapt or alter something to make it more useful or suitable’; perhaps this is exactly what we need to do in order to remain relevant.  

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