What If?

If you try something, and it doesn’t work, you can always go back to what you did before.

Trying things can lead to interesting and unexpected results.

What If…

Tradition is valued and upheld in many school districts.  While educational institutions have much to be proud of and should honor the contributions previous educators, what are we to do when new, and possibly contradictory, ideas and research appear on the horizon? Participants in this session will be challenged to identify the difference between upholding tradition and defending something that is arguably obsolete.  What if poses a series of questions such as: What if students could monitor their own progress?  What if we only measured personal evidence of learning? What if students could strive for mastery learning? This keynote will challenge educators to think outside the box and to consider the value of a paradigm shift. Thankfully replacement routines will be offered for each question. 

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