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  1. Myron, I had the pleasure of hearing you at the ISTEM conference held in Couer d’Alene and am inquiring what do you charge to do a presentation? We are about 2 hours South of Couer D’Alene at a small K-12 district. I have 27 teachers that would be in attendance.

    Thanks you.

  2. Hi Myron,

    My team saw you at the Summer ATI Conference last July. We are looking at extending our work and realize that an on the ground practitioner would have great insights and appeal to our staff. In addition, you were very dynamic and resonated with even our most resistant participants!

    We are in Chelan Wa. about 3-4 hours from you and would like to inquire about your availability to do a presentation for our K-12 staff (85 teachers) here in Chelan in late August.

    I would greatly appreciate a response as we are moving to finalize our Summer Professional Development Institute very soon.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Rob Manahan, Ed.D, Superintendent, Lake Chelan School District

  3. Hey Myron!

    Thanks for the excellent workshop this morning at Wild Rose Public Schools. I really enjoyed the conversation and the examples you shared with a small group. I am hoping you can email me the list that you wrote down. I will attach my email to this and I look forward to following you on Twitter.

  4. Good afternoon and Happy Canada Day long weekend! Would you be interested in presenting to my teacher PLC via Google+ Hangout Chat or Skype in the new school year? I will email with more details next week. Thank you.

  5. Hi Myron – interested in attracting u to Trillium Lakelands in Ontario.

    Please let me know how to proceed – kind regards, bruce

  6. Hi Myron,
    We spoke at your presentation in El Dorado County in January. I found far too many links concerning “Childrens’ bedrooms around the world”. However many of these findings will show, anywhere from, 15 to 25 samples. Most of them show, roughly, the same pictures. Youtube has a few videos of the same, also. If you are interested in the other video we spoke about concerning the difficult trip for some families getting to school, look up “Not your everyday commute” from the BBC series “Human Planet: Rivers episode”. The video shows a father taking his two children on a 100km trek up The Chadar Valley in Nepal. Good stuff

  7. There is an entry “Folsom, CA – February 20 2018” on Standards Based Grading. Is there a way I can access this material? Who is the author of this contact in Folsom since I live in the area? Thanks Jason Pelletier, Math Teacher, Sacramento

  8. Aloha. I am a complex level administrator interested in your content. What is your virtual availability?

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