Presentation Reviews

Thank you VERY much for your work with us today!  You hit it out of the park – I couldn’t have asked for your presentation to be more aligned with what we need here to move forward this year.  Lots of positive comments from many staff, including those indicating this was “the best opening of the year ever during my time at Jackson” and “Myron was my favorite presenter in my 26 years of education.” – Just wanted you to know.

Dave Peters,

Principal – Everett Public Schools

Everett, WA



Thank you so much for coming to talk with us, I cannot wait for you to come back, as you definitely energized myself and other colleagues to keep going with thinking of better ways to reach our students (and inspiring some teachers who haven’t thought too much about it to start).


Ms. Melissa Cox

Academy of the Holy Names

Tampa, FL

I loved hearing your message but really loved the resources and suggestions to execute smarter grading. Thanks for all you do to support teachers, students and learning,

Melanie Hoffmann

Chagrin Public Schools

Chagrin Falls, OH





Thank you for the great presentation and information yesterday in Crystal Lake!  I had many takeaways from the day, and think that many of your resources and slides will help in my support of teachers implementing Standards-Based Learning and Assessment in School District U-46.


Thanks again,

Alisha Wildermuth
Teacher Leader for Student Growth

School District U-46
Elgin, IL






Thank you so much for your presentation at the SD#22 Pro D day. Excellent integration of technology, humour and relevant content. I think humor is a key ingredient in student learning and you definitely had the audience captivated. They did not even want to leave for a fire alarm!

Your spider chart and 16 categories of assessment scored 100% each  and you would definitely be a number one draft pick for any school district. Have an AWESOME school year. I am going to learn how to post on the internet as a goal this year. Maybe pay for a new car. LOL!

 It was a pleasure to see your presentation and an inspiration for positively approaching another school year. While many of us got into the business because school was easy for us.  Most grades were based upon test taking skills and memorization skills. I feel is is more important to understand the process of how to problem solve and obtain the skills and knowledge to be successful in whatever you do. I have been grateful in my career to have had a huge following of both male and female students  in Wood Technology and have always felt that the way I teach and what they learn transfers to them being successful in anything they choose to pursue in life.

Your presentation reaffirmed that and makes me proud to have been an Educator for 32 years.

Cheers and all the best to you!

Cheers Chris Kuhn
Charles Bloom Secondary
Wood Technology Instructor


‘Ch-ch-Changes’  was the most informative, entertaining, dynamic presentation I’ve EVER seen. Fantastic job!!

Angie Lindenmayer
School psychologist
Issaquah school district


August 2016:

Good Afternoon Myron,

Just a quick email expressing how truly inspired your recent workshop in Lake Travis at Hudson Middle School left me and many of my colleagues. I went home that day feeling renewed, elated, and ready to take on this next school year with an attitude set by countless things you said and showed us. This feeling has captivated many of us here at LTMS and we are thanking our lucky stars for your time, knowledge, and stories. I even shed tears listening and learning about the pop-up book story and the compounding and positive impact that you and your class had on that student; life changing.

At the end of the session you generously offered to share resources. While I am not certain that offer stands or if you even have the time to make the resources available to me, but know that I would love to have them and would utilize them accordingly whenever possible to better my teaching and students’ learning of all things leadership. Your time and generosity would not be wasted as I am certain the resources would be put to excellent use!

Thank you again for your time at HBMS the other day and for considering my taking you up on the resources offer!

Most Sincerely,

Jessie E. Lawson, M. Ed.

Teen Leadership & Speech Skills Teacher


August 2016:

Dear Myron,

I wanted to write and thank you for spending the day with us earlier this week. Your presentations has inspired many great conversations and some new paths for some of our teams. Most notably, my 8th grade ELA team has created a unit plan and a learning target student self-assessment page for the first unit of the year. They are really excited about getting students involved at a deeper level!

Thank you for your inspiring message and practical tools! You rock!


P.S. Hope you made it back home safely and are enjoying some lake time with your family before the school year starts!

Jodie Villemaire | Principal – Lake Travis Middle School | 512.533.6211 | 4932 Bee Creek Road, Spicewood, TX 78669


July 2016:


I just wanted you to know how helpful your presentations were this past week. I attended all three of your presentations at Maddens leadership summit.   Your keynote presentation ‘Changes’ was splendid.  I have a much better understanding about homework.  I have been plagued with missing, incomplete, late, sloppy, undone, homework my entire career.  As I approach my 32nd year of teaching I think I have a clear picture of how homework should be treated.  I have also struggled with effective and thorough assessments.  I have a plan now.   I have always had a plan and I think I am a pretty good teacher but I have spent many weekends watching the VIKINGS trying to muddle through endless hours of marking  journals, and writing assignments.   I will be checking out the website and I will try somethings I have learned from you.  I appreciate your efforts and your reasonable thoughts.   I also appreciate your generosity in sharing your work, that is something we see less and less of.   I was entertained by your personality and would join you on the road in a second. I am fascinated by learning and by how other teachers survive. Let me know if you need an assistant.   Thanks again for your time and wonderful suggestions.

Catherine Riewer, Bertha-Hewitt School 786

ElementaryTeacher/Reading Specialist


May 2016:

Hi Myron,

I had the opportunity to experience your presentation today at Parker High School in Janesville, WI.  I am the one who asked the question about the student who does nothing, doesn’t seem to care, etc.  I thought your answer to my question was great; you were saying what I already think.  I am one year away from retirement so your presentation today just made me realize, as a speech and language pathologist that my final year will be all about student reflection.
I found you to be very refreshing and it was a good way to end the week.  I’m going to purchase your book.  Even as I am in retirement mode, I can still learn.
Mary Scharenbroch, MS/CCC
Speech and Language Pathologist
Parker High School


March 2016:

Good morning,

I want to start by saying that it was refreshing to have a presenter who was focused on the solutions and who truly provided material that would move students forward in their thinking about their academic life.
I would love if you could send me the slides using the history question as an example of “I know I’m Close” multiple choice question analysis worksheet.  I believe this is one of the tools we can implement in our school across all departments to help students show their thinking and improve their success.  Since NYS centers graduation around regents exams students must have more practice with multiple choice and be able to recognize how wording of questions can sometimes fool them.   It also allows them to show their thinking and it will help the teacher to assist them.
I also believe that the late assignment worksheet can work.  I have been discussing it with teachers to start the conversation about what interventions we can put in place.
Again, your workshop was refreshing, full of energy and worth every dime! I appreciate your commitment to the education of all children.
LaToya Martin
English Teacher
South Brooklyn Community High School


March 2016:

Good afternoon!

I am writing for a couple of reasons.  First, I would like to request the word documents you spoke about at the ASCD conference.  Second, I would like to once again express my gratitude for your presentation on Saturday morning, (I actually did this once already as we spoke briefly at the lounge that evening as well).
I think one of the most effective parts of the presentation were those where you showed how easy certain tasks were (such as creating trailers) by using your daughter as an example.
I have also purchased your book, Grading Smarter, Not Harder, and it has actually transformed my thoughts about homework and latenesses.  Although you mentioned these in your presentation, the clarity with which it is explained in the book has me reconsidering creating a movement in my charter company at the secondary level. We already have a “homework cannot hurt you only help you” policy at the elementary level.
Our middle school homework policy states that a student can  choose not to do a homework if a note from their parent says that they cannot understand it; so, I am choosing to take a page from  your ideas about multiple choice, and putting the responsibility on the student, and asking the student to write a note about what they didn’t understand about the work and the parts they did understand instead of a parent note.  I would hope this would give instant formative feedback and encourage students to look more closely to analyze homework — even if they do not complete it.
Thanks again!

Jennifer McKenna



On behalf of the Glacier team, I wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your journey and kicking off our school year with an inspiring message & application of best practices.
It’s so great to see a leader & practitioner in the field that is also on the front lines teaching in the classroom too! Keep touching kids and adults lives~ you are an inspiration!

I hope to keep in touch  and learn more from you & your ongoing journey. Have an AMAZING start to your year!

Robin Cerato-Gibbs
Glacier Middle School

White River School District


Dear Myron,

I am a teacher and instructional coach in St. Paul, MN.  The leadership team at my school and I attended the First Institute last week and really enjoyed your sessions.  The conference was great, but your sessions in particular gave us so much valuable information as we develop teacher PD and a grading policy for next year.  We are ordering your book to have as an in-school resource J

Thanks again for your time, and for your presentations last week.  Education is lucky to have your voice.


Lisa Berken, ELL/TAP Master Teacher, Hmong College Prep Academy, Saint Paul, Mn  55108


Good morning!

I was in your Stories session yesterday morning and I loved every second of it! I was hoping to get the Word documents you mentioned of your templates and your presentation if you are willing to share.


Kathryn Heasly

Life Science Teacher
Saunders Middle School


I’m sure you have received many of these since the ATI conference last week.  I merely wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the session I attended regarding your seven stories.  Your humor, your passion for your kids and education, and your sound thoughts on assessment and grading were a highlight of the conference for me.  And no matter how many times you may have given that presentation or talked about those kids, the fact that you seemed to get a little choked up at the end made me want to cry, and I’m not the crying type!  Please don’t feel a need to respond to this email.  I only wanted to thank you.
Best of luck on your endeavors, and I will figure out ways to perhaps see a presentation of yours in the future and may even seek to bring you to the Chicago area to talk at some point down the line.
Thank you again,
Eric Olson
Good evening Myron!

I just wanted to give you some feedback on a your workshop that I attended at Sardis Secondary back in January. I have just finished my long practicum at Sardis, and I wanted to tell you what perfect timing your workshop was. Many of the practices that you suggested (late marks, structuring tests, re-test options) have provided a strong foundation for my assessment practices. Not only that, but I felt that I was able to justify these practices with reasoning– when you are a Student Teacher, it is easy to take on your School Associate’s evaluation practices, not necessarily because they are effective, but because they are the resource available at the time. After your workshop, both my School Associate and I talked about how we could implement most of your strategies and I was able to try them out. What I especially appreciated was that each and every student knows that they are allowed to re-test; my practicum was in grade 10 and 11 French Immersion Social Studies and many of my students were high achievers and appreciated the opportunity to improve their marks, however high they had originally scored.

Again, thank you so much for providing me with basically what has become my foundation for assessment practices. Assessment and evaluation were what most confused me and intimidated me before starting teaching, and your workshop really got the ball rolling of my research and observations in what constitutes fair assessment practices.

Merci mille fois!

Jen Maxwell (Mme. Maxwell)


Hi Myron,I attended your workshop at the Pearson conference in Portland. I loved how you blended technology and creativity with excellent assessment strategies. Ever since, I’ve been playing around with assessing creativity in my Textiles class, and I’ve been showing a few colleagues Coach’s Eye and wondering how I could use it in class and I think I’ve hit on an idea that will work.I’ve been trying to collect exemplars of student work at different levels. Most students don’t want to give up their projects, so I was thinking about just taking pictures to project as exemplars. But Coach’s Eye will work WAY better than a still photo! I can pan around a project and draw on it etc. Then, I can take it to the next step and get the students to self-assess using Coach’s Eye (if I can find a free version–I think I paid $5).Thanks so much for your workshop. It truly inspired me.

Catherine Hay,
RC Palmer Secondary
Richmond, BC



My name is Neil Cruz and I had the opportunity to take part in a workshop that you coordinated at Glenbard North back in October. Thank you for the great information, having come from teaching in a small alternative high school to a large school district like Glenbard, your resources and suggestions were very helpful. There was one resource that I wanted to ask if you would be willing share and that was the template for your Unit Plan. I have a hard copy of it but if you had one that I could edit as I plan, it would be extremely helpful. Thanks Myron, look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Hello Mr. Dueck,

I attended your conference presentation last Thursday afternoon entitled “From Theory to Practice” and found it very inspiring.  I pretty much have been working on learning target statements since then.  (We had a couple of snow days in Southern Oregon; also the reason why I was not able to attend your presentation on Innovation and creativity Friday. What a bummer!)
I remember you had very detailed late assignment reports and you had said that you would be willing to share them.  I would really appreciate if you could send me the link to your template.  I don’t want to re-create the wheel and I am afraid that my wheel would be a little bumpy and simply not as elegant.
Thanks again for you helpful (and funny) presentation.
Ursula Nash
Grants Pass High School
Hi Myron,
I attended the Glenbard District Institute Day this past Tuesday with you presenting and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind providing me with the areas that you have your students review after they have taken a test and you return it to them with a grade. This year I have started to rewrite my tests with more blocking of questions in particular categories in order to help get feedback on the particular areas in which each student may be struggling.  The piece of helping them after the test is what I am currently trying to develop, but I remember you showing us a handout you give the students to review their test results (it was the part where you told us the kid had never been able to take 100% home to show his parents) and thought it might shed some light.
Thanks! I really enjoyed your presentation.
Elizabeth McGann



Hi, Myron -I just want to thank you so much for your inspiration. I was lucky enough to first hear you speak in Portland (2012) and came back to Glenbard raving about your presence and message. I just returned from maternity leave with the birth of my first son in June. Needless to say, my mind has not necessarily been focused on school with the new addition in my life, but hearing you speak today has once again motivated me to step it up in my passion for education. I know my teaching will be better after your presentation today and what’s even better is the benefit my students will get because of it.Thanks again!Sincerely,
Cindy Demos
English Teacher – Glenbard School District, Chicago
Hi Myron,
You definitely exceeded every expectation that I had when going into this session from the ASCD Conference – thank you!  I was wondering if you could please send any rubrics and materials that you use, as well as your presentation from the ASCD Conference? I think it will really hit-home at our college-preparatory Academy in Southeastern Indiana, specifically in my classroom.  Again, job well done, thank you!
Jonathon Maple
Business/Journalism Teacher
Outreach Coordinator
Oldenburg Academy of the Immaculate Conception
Loved your presentation. Would like your notes and templates.
I specialize in dance drama differentiated lessons … made my trip .
Nancy Skinner

Thank you, Myron.

I was impressed and moved by your story and presentation.  Your passion for being a rainbow in the clouds for students is so evident.
Thank you for making the world a better place, one student at at time.  Your message will continue as a ripple in the puddle that was left behind by the storm.  Doing this work in the elementary may save some of those students from having that script in their back pocket in middle and high school.
I wish you the best as you continue your work.
Thank you for all you do for students.
Chuck Paulson
Chuck Paulson
Elementary Student Achievement Specialist
South Washington County Schools
Wow….impressive discussion today on creativity.  I knew what I wanted for the teachers n students in our district, but you confirmed it and made me make a plan with the superintendent.Thanks again for your efforts!Could you send me a copy of ppt and the oral response rubric and project planning rubric?
Thanks again,
Tom Meyer
Bellevue MS/HS Principal
1601 State Street
Bellevue, Iowa 52031

Dear Mr. Dueck,

My name is Alexis Kibbon and I am a 5th and 6th grade teacher in Nebraska and attended your session in Chicago at the ASCD conference. I think you have amazing ideas for bringing creative assessments in to the classroom and took many notes over it, but I was wondering if I could get attachments of your rubrics and materials you used for your different assessments. If I could that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You In Advance,
Alexis Kibbon
Meridian Public School
Daykin, Nebraska
As an attendee at your ASCD session may I please request the rubric templates you offered to share? Teaching in a computer lab, students produce numerous projects and you shared wonderful ideas on assessment I hope to use and share with the other teachers in my department.
Thank you,
V. Eby


 Hi Myron,
Thanks for the great presentation today. It was entertaining and inspiring, yet provided practical solutions that I am going to try and incorporate into my online classes. The grading template for the verbal answer will be especially helpful for my autistic student. I would love to get a copy of that and the assignment proposal template about learning outcomes/medium/details if possible. You got my brain moving with ideas on how I can make this work!Best of luck to you and your beautiful family. Thanks for being daring enough to share some food!
Amy O’ Neill
Thank you so much for your presentations in Lewiston at the AMLE. All
wonderful, pertinent, and challenging things to think about. I’m excited
to have conversations about this at our school.
(I’m the PE teacher you spoke with). Great slides, love the personal
stories and lots of examples in your sessions.
Please send me some examples of slides as I begin to improve my own
presentations (I’m excited about the presentation zen book).
Especially send one of the last slides of the mixed messages show with
the goals/messages you want to send to kids….Those you have posted on
the wall (relationships, you can be successful here, etc.).PS-the 2×10 works. I’ve had to do this a lot in PE bc the foundation of
this class is so social and interactive and is based upon relationships
and those challenging kids just need us. I will have to try the 2×10
format specifically and tell you how it goes!
Thanks for everything. Keep presenting when you can. You are great!
Enjoy the hockey game!
Jessica Shawley
Sent from my iPad
Moscow Middle School P.E. CHAMPS
Creating Healthy Active Minds for Personal Success
2012 National Middle School P.E. Teacher of the Year
Myron-I had the privilage to watch you present today in Lewiston, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I was extremely intreged by how you no longer grade homework and the process that you have adopted in your classroom.  I also run into many of the same problems with homework completion and question its effectiveness and the necessity of applying a “grade” to daily homework.  I was wondering if you would be willing to share a few of the worksheets/handouts you had shared with us with how students track their homework and quiz scores.  Actually, I would love to have any attachments you would be willing to share.Thank you so much.  It isn’t often that I walk away from listening to a speaker where I so completely agree with what he says and can so clearly see how I could easily make these adaptions in my own classroom.  It felt like you justified some feelings I have had about the grading of homework and a way to make changes that would truly benefit the students.
Lindsay Falkenstein
Oliver Chadwick here.
We spoke in Orting and I think I told you that your idea on the Unit Plan was exactly what I needed to get going. Well, it has turned out better than I thought because I am able to work with students individually and they are able to pace themselves on their own. They are loving it and I am as well. The only thing I need to do is get a few of them a little more motivated to turn in their efforts.The greatest thing about all of this was that I was really looking for a way to work with students on a small-group or individual basis and I have found that explaining a little bit each day, after first starting with the unit plan, has given me time to work with kids on a need basis and as I stop by groups and give mini-lessons. Then, once a particular project is complete, I sit down with students and give them feedback on the prior project. Adding details and evidence seem to be the largest needs.I have included what I have created. Most of it was within a week of our discussion in Orting. The Unit Plan is the minimum and the assessment pretty well covers that. Each of the projects goes beyond that on the Unit Plan and has gotten some great thinking out of the students in my Language Arts classes.
Oliver Chadwick
Mr. Dueck,
I want to personally thank you for the top-notch presentation you delivered at Central Elementary yesterday. You had such a great balance with allowing the audience a chance to get to know you as an individual and really addressing the tough questions connected to grading practices. As a staff, we have touched on various grading practices but hearing it from a teacher who has struggled with this issue over the years and found solutions to help students experience success was refreshing. I believe the timing was right for us at Central! This morning when I came into the building two 5th grade teachers approached me about your presentation. They told me you are the best speaker they have ever listened to. We discussed the students you worked with and how you worked with them to make them successful. Tears wailed up in our eyes and we laughed because we had goose bumps! After that, the two teachers began telling me specific items they are going to implement in their classroom this school year.These two teachers have informed me they would like to have ongoing support from you throughout the school year as they begin implementing the grading practices presented yesterday.I created an entry slip for this morning so I could get some feedback from teachers. I’m compiling their responses and I will send this out to teachers at the end of the day. I have attached the entry slip and the responses I’ve gathered up to this point. I’m sending this to you to let you know what an impact you had on our school and to thank you for being so honest and open.When you have time, will you send me the movie link and the word documents you mentioned yesterday? I will share the resources with teachers.I look forward to working with you this coming school year!Best regards,

Mrs. Sandra McDowell


Lewis County Central Elementary

I wanted to share with you how valuable your presentation at Enumclaw High was for me. Not only did I receive valuable advice for my teaching practice, more importantly, I had some practices I already use-validated. I have long struggled with allowing late work, separating behaviour and grades, and treating students in an equitable manner rather than with equality, in conflict with what has been established as sound teaching practices. To know that there is, at least, one other person out there attempting similar pedagogy is empowering!
Thank you
Joseph Rush
Enumclaw High School -English/SS
Mr. Dueck,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation yesterday at Central. This was by far the best PD that I have been through. You are a remarkable speaker.  You made me laugh made me cry and most importantly made me think about what can I do in my room to help my students!!Thank you so much!!

Bobbie Jo Yates – 5th Grade Teacher

Central Elementary

My teaching team and I really enjoyed your presentations at the Assessment for learning conference.  Most of us ending up attending two of your sessions each.
 I know you had mentioned that you would be able to forward your powerpoint from your presentations.  We would appreciate getting whatever you can share with us.
 Also, if we were to have you speak to our district admin team (100 people) for our 45 minutes on August 22nd what would your fee be?  The presentation would mainly be to motivate and inspire our team as they begin another school year.  Your humour and funny stories would be an important part of the presentation.
 Let me know if this may work for you?
Thanks again for your excellent presentation
Jinder Sarowa
 Robert Bateman Secondary School
 Abbotsford, B.C.

One thought on “Presentation Reviews

  1. Myron,

    Your presentation to our staff was one of the best professional development opportunities I have been a part of in my educational career. We have a great staff who at times found it hard to wrap their minds around some of the concepts prior to working with you and your book. After we spent the day with you, our staff was extremely excited. We are using your book, “Grading Smarter, NOT Harder” as a whole staff book study. I am also using the book along with the DVD. The DVD is a great addition as it shows the teachers at your school in action. I really like how each segment is about 10 minutes in length. It is a great way to help introduce each chapter of the book. I really appreciate the ongoing conversations you provide and your willingness to answer any questions. Both the book and the DVD give very practical strategies!

    Adam Spiegel
    Osceola High School

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