Blogging and LEGO(tm)

This morning was a little bizarre.  My son and I found ourselves with the run of the house and wondered just what to do with the opportunity.  Before long, we had the dining room table covered in LEGO pieces and one small corner of real estate was set aside for my laptop.  While he continued to construct a Star Wars AT-AT Walker that we started at Christmas, I tackled the task of starting my blogging venture.  It turns out that the two activities are not all that different.  While I struggled to figure out widgets, Twitter links and avatars, he muttered that Daddy wasn’t helping as much on the LEGO as he had hoped.  Pardon me if I stretch this idea just a little, but I see a correlation between LEGO and a lot of things I am into these days.  In my professional life, as a vice-principal I sort through a lot of pieces, attempt to fit them in where they best belong, and strive to help out others as much as they have hoped I would.  In working through the challenges and successes of assessment and grading, it too is a matter of sifting through the known and the new to arrive at a product that was better than the last version and not as good as the one we will arrive at when we get more time to look into it.  Building, welding, electrical and construction – these things are what ground me and what I often work on late at night.  The parallels with LEGO are obvious.  And family…well…anyone who is juggling 2 kids, a job, a house, a marriage, a dog, and the myriad of other distractions knows how that can be like digging your hand into a pile of plastic pieces looking for the right one.

So, here begins this blogging thing.  I will try to sift through the pieces of my family,  profession, interests and ideas to form something that is of value, but at the same time not too daunting to become prohibitive.  We’ll see how it goes.

the AT-AT Walker

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